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WEEEkathon - young scientists bringing innovative ideas to solve the e-waste challenge through circularity On 27 August – 3 September 2022


On 27 August – 3 September 2022, over 20 young scientists from across the world and 10 international experts gathered in Limerick, Ireland to discuss the e-waste challenge and the related circular economy scenarios.

The theme of the 2022 E-waste Academy for scientists (EWAS) edition, organized by UNU-UNITAR SCYCLE and hosted by the University of Limerick, was “Managing valuable and hazardous materials in e-waste: the route to circularity”,

The event was funded by the UNIDO-GEF LAC e-waste project, with the support of SERI and SRI.

PhD students, postdocs, and early career researchers from 16 project countries convened for an intensive 8-day programme that included expert lectures, hands-on workshops, field visits, and group work.

A wide range of presentations from various experts covered e-waste related topics, ranging from environmental and public health, global transboundary movements of e-waste, critical raw materials and hazardous e-waste, eco-design, data security etc. Study visits were also performed at e-waste dismantling and recycling facilities in Limerick and Cork, where the young scientists could interact with professionals working on field.

All scientists had the opportunity to present their own work related to e-waste: EWAS 2022 provided a platform for synergies and a space for sharing ideas and experiences across and beyond the regions.

Participants also took part in the first WEEEkathon, an e-waste marathon, working in groups to develop a research proposal related to e-waste. A panel of high-level experts and scientists evaluated the proposals, with the winning team exploring ‘Alternatives to Extended Producer’s Responsibility with a focus on the involvement of the informal sector.’

In an interview with a UNIDO representative, the winning team, comprised of Mehdi Golzar Ahmadi, Sofía Lara Schlezak, Nicolás Labra Cataldo, Narjes Fallah, and Mariana Saidón shared the following: “Our multidisciplinary backgrounds allowed us to think of the problem through different lenses. We developed a proposal to systematize e-waste management in Argentina. Our goal was to submit a realistic, feasible and relevant project from an environmental and social point of view. The competition was challenging since the other teams had done a great job, too. We hope to be able to implement our proposal soon.”

To keep up to date with the upcoming SCYCLE Academies on e-waste and environmental crime, you can monitor our dedicated website or our Linkedin page.


The EWAM - Managers Edition Published on May 15st 2022



The EWAM - Managers Edition is a global forum for stakeholders involved in the practical design and implementation of e-waste management solutions, offering a platform to exchange best practices, discuss existing challenges among practitioners and support better-informed decision-making.
From the 23rd to 26th of May 2022, over 30 policymakers and government officials, representatives from 13 Latin American countries and international experts will come together for the eighth edition of the EWAM. This EWAM will be held in a virtual form open and free online using the Zoom platform with simultaneous translation in English and Spanish.
This EWAM includes a 4-day intensive workshop, focused on tackling the e-waste challenges in the region. It will be carried out by the Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) Programme — hosted by the UNU Vice Rectorate in Europe (UNU-VIE) and UNITAR, in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), as a contribution of the project PREAL. The project PREAL aims at Strengthening National Initiatives and Enhancement of Regional Cooperation for the Environmentally Sound Management of POPs in Waste of Electronic or Electrical Equipment (WEEE) in Latin-American Countries.
The EWAM participants will represent countries with a diverse mix of e-waste management systems from different regions around the world, but especially from Central and South America. Although a few countries in the Latin-American region have established formalized e-waste management systems, backed by specific legislation, most of the countries are in the process of drafting and developing legislation and infrastructure.

With presentations from renowned regional and international e-waste experts, participants will learn about:

•    Foundations and principles of e-waste, policy management and legislation
•    Operational and technical aspects
•    Raising awareness on the mismanagement of e-waste and its effects
•    Standards and transboundary movements
•    Panel discussions on the circular economy, informal sector and other relevant topics, which will include regional governmental representatives, local and regional PRO and other relevant stakeholders.

To attend the EWAM 2022 edition you can register at this link:

Additional information can be found at the projects’ main website: https://residuoselectronicosal.org/

Download Flyer English

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Next EWAM in Costa Rica! Published on February 1st 2019

The E-Waste Academy - Manager (EWAM) edition is getting to Costa Rica, next March 2019. The upcoming EWAM, organized by UNU-ViE SCYCLE, is part of a broader initiative – managed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), with the financial support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The overall project aims at strengthening national initiatives and enhancing regional cooperation for the environmentally sound management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Waste of Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in the Latin American Countries.

In this context, the EWAM will provide a regional forum for different stakeholders, including representatives of governments, policy makers, industry managers etc., to offer practical skills in the design and implementation of e-waste management solutions. The EWAM participants will have the unique opportunities to exchange existing practices, discuss challenges and develop a better informed decision-making process in this field.

For additional information on the E-waste Academy you can contact Deepali at sinha[at]vie.unu.edu.

Applications for BBC 2018 now closed Published on June 18th 2018

The application deadline for BBC 2018 has passed and no further applications will be considered.

Application deadline for BBC 2018 fast approaching! Published on June 13th 2018

We will close the applications for BBC 2018 in two days. Don't delay and send them our way.

Apply Now!
Application deadline nearing for BBC 2018! Published on May 22nd 2018

Only 10 days remain before the applications for BBC 2018 close. Don't miss this opportunity.

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Applications are now open for the BBC 2018! Published on April 27th 2018

The Business Boot Camp will be held from the 10th to the 14th of September in Berlin, Germany.

Applications are invited from SME recyclers/refurbishers/collectors, start-up entrepreneurs, investors interested in green economy business opportunities.

Apply by the 31st of May for a chance to participate in this one of a kind boot camp.

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Announcing the Business Boot Camp for E-waste Recyclers - an exciting new program that will take place in Germany this September! Published on April 18th 2018

Including hands-on workshops, mentoring clinics and expert inputs, the 5 day curriculum will address specific topics relevant for e-waste businesses, including business models, legislative, regulatory and technical environments, reporting requirements, processing and treatment technologies and standards, market scoping and assessment techniques, financing requirements, funding opportunities, formalisation/partnering with informal workers etc.

More details coming soon! Pre-register your interest with us here

Venue for EWAM 2018 Asia revealed! Published on April 17th 2018

This years' EWAM will be held at the stunning AVANI RIVERSIDE BANGKOK HOTEL Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Chao Phraya River and offering panoramic views of the city’s skyscape, the property has one of the best-rated locations in Bangkok. With over 20 meeting rooms of every size and capacity and top-class facilities, the venue is sure to leave you engaged and inspired. We look forward to welcoming our participants!

EWAM 2018 Asia Program Outline Published on April 5th 2018


Provides participants with the basic foundations and principles of e-waste management policy and legislation that provides the framework on which to build other aspects such as recycling technology and financing etc.


Main objective of the day is to focus on compliance and enforcement; this will focus on regulatory approaches to enforcement of national and international legislation including transboundary shipments and integrating the informal sector.


Main objective of the day is to get a first-hand experience of the working of a recycling facility and hands-on experience of dismantling e-waste to provide insights into operations, particularly manual disassembly.


The underlying theme for the day is to provide an insight into the pre-treatment and end-processing of some critical and common fractions obtained from e-waste (Printed Circuit Boards and plastics) having potentially high impact on the economics and environmental performances. Looks at specific technology options for products and downstream fractions and developing a viable business model.


A panel discussion with inputs from producers and other stakeholders on sharing experiences of pilots and identification of next steps at national and regional level.

Applications closed for EWAM 2018 Asia; Notifications to be sent out this week Published on March 5th 2018
We have received a great response, almost 150 applications! We are still in the process of evaluating them and will be sending out the notifications this week. Thank you for applying and apologies for the delay.
Application deadline for EWAM 2018 Asia extended! Published on February 1st 2018

Due to a number of requests for a few additional days to apply, we have extended the application deadline to the 16th of February.

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Applications are now open for the EWAS 2022! Published on May 15th 2022



Limerick - Ireland, 27 August – 4 September 2022.

The applications for The 2022 E-Waste Academy – Scientist Edition (EWAS) have been extended until June 20th.

The 2022 E-Waste Academy – Scientist Edition (EWAS) is coming to Limerick in August-September 2022.
The upcoming EWAS, organized by UNU-UNITAR SCYCLE, is part of a broader initiative – managed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), with the financial support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF).
The 2022 EWAS’s guiding theme will be “Managing valuable and hazardous materials in e-waste: the route to circularity”.
The EWAS will bring together selected researchers from across the social and physical sciences to look at e-waste via a truly interdisciplinary lens. PhD students, postdocs, and early career researchers from around the world will convene for an intensive 8-day program that includes expert lectures, hands-on workshops, field visits, and group work.
 The participants will also engage in the first WEEEkathon, an e-waste marathon for scientists during which the best research ideas or start-up proposals will be selected by a group of high-level professionals and scientists.
Applications from interested researchers can be completed in 3 steps as follows:
1. Compile the EWAS application form Download doc

2. Update your CV, including a list of publications or conference presentations

3. Select or prepare a 3–5-page sample research paper in English, based on your research work

To apply, submit all three documents by email to ewasteacademies[at]unitar.org

Only complete applications in English will be considered.
Deadline: 20 June 2022.

Proficiency in English is required to attend the EWAS, as participants will frequently interact with their peers and present their work to the group and to the WEEEkathon panel.

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Applications are now open for the 2018 edition of EWAM Asia! Published on December 15th 2017

The 2018 edition of the EWAM Asia will be held from the 7th to 11th of May in Bangkok, Thailand with a regional focus on Asia.

Applications are invited from Government Officials, Policy Makers, Regulators and SME Collectors, Recyclers, Refurbishers.

Apply by the 31st of January for a chance to participate in this enriching learning experience.

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EWAM 2018 to take place in Asia Published on November 14th 2017

The next edition of the EWAM will take place in Asia in Spring-Summer 2018. More details on dates, location and application deadline coming soon. In case you are interested in participating, please indicate your interest at ewa@unu.edu and we will keep you informed.

EWAM 2017 wraps up Published on November 13th 2017

EWAM 2017 held in Tanzania this year, ended on the 10th of November, leaving both the participants and as well as the organisers, very impressed. We will be uploading the photographs from the event soon!

EWAM 2017 kicks off in Tanzania! Published on November 6th 2017

This year's edition of the EWAM has commenced today at Dar es Salaam. The details of everyday's events will be updated on the website.

SERI onboard as a sponsor Published on August 30th 2017
We are pleased to welcome onboard Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), as one of our sponsors.
SERI is a non-profit organization working to create a world where electronic products are reused and recycled in a way that promotes resource preservation, the well-being of the environment, and the health and safety of workers and communities.
Applications for EWAM 2017 now closed Published on August 28th 2017

The application deadline for EWAM 2017 has been passed and no further applications will be considered.

Application deadline for EWAM 2017 extended! Published on August 9th 2017

Due to a number of requests for a few additional days to apply, we have extended the application deadline to the 25th of August.

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Applications are now open for the 2017 edition of EWAM Published on July 3rd 2017

The 2017 edition of the EWAM will be held from the 6th to 10th of November in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with a regional focus on Africa.

Applications are invited from Government Officials/Policy Makers and SMEs (Collectors, Recyclers, Refurbishers etc.).

Apply by the 11th of August for a chance to participate in this enriching learning experience.

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DOTCOM Waste is organising two training workshops on tackling waste crime to be held in Italy and China in 2017. Published on September 22nd 2016

We invite representatives from agencies and organisations directly involved in fighting waste crime, particularly on the EU-West
Africa and EU-China routes.

Each workshop will last for 4 days and focus on improving collaboration among authorities and increased enforcement skills to help fight cross-border
waste crime more effectively.

The first training session will take place in Rome from 18 - 21 September, focusing in particular on the EU-Africa route, while the second training
session to be held in in Beijing from 24 - 27 October will look at the specifics of the EU-China route.

Attendance is free, but on an invitation-only basis. To register your interest
or to receive access to online training, please fill out the short APPLICATION FORM by clicking on this news item.

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Are you interested to participate in one of the upcoming Academies? Just register your email and we will keep you posted.