E-waste Academy - Scientists Edition

The E-waste Academy - Scientists Edition (EWAS) is a unique program that brings together select researchers from social and physical sciences to look at e-waste with a truly interdisciplinary lens. PhD students, post-docs and early career researchers from around the world come together for an intensive 8 day program that includes expert lectures, hands-on workshops, field visits and group work.

EWAS 2016


Saturday 13th August - Saturday 20th August 2016

Criticality, Commonality, Circularity
Believe it or not, a week full of sun in Ireland...

EWAS 2014


1st November to 7th November 2014

Changing E-waste Discourse
An amazing week with amazing food!

EWAS 2013


1st to 10th December 2013

Visualizing E-waste Futures
First-hand experiences of the work of the United Nations...

EWAS 2011

Eindhoven, Antwerp, Davos

11th September to 22nd September 2011

Closing Resource Loops
Three countries in ten days: Working at Philips Hightech Campus, study tours to Flection, Umicore and Swico and a workshop at the World Resource Forum...

EWAS 2010

Eindhoven and Antwerp

29th August to 7th September 2010

Enabling Sustainable EEE Cycles
A great week at Philips Consumer Lifestyle and Umicore Precious Metals Refining...

EWAS 2009

Eindhoven and Antwerp

6th September to 11th September 2009

The Product Life Cycle of EEE
Our first EWAS, at the time still called E-waste Summer School...


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